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***We would like to congratulate the students and teachers who made our school proud by reaching 93% in XII Std 2014***

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St. Michael’s Higher secondary School, which is perched in the heart of Coimbatore city, has been an educational institution of the par excellence since it was founded by the highly devoted and dedicated Paris Missionaries in 1860.. It is now in the close vicinity of the Diocese of Coimbatore. It is comfortably situated between the Cathedral and the Railway Station. At the beginning, it only served the families Anglo-Indians and European Communities, because the Indian families were unaware of the importance of educating their children. The parents were also not enthusiastic about enrolling their children in the schools. So the Paris Missionaries and the teachers had to hunt for the students in the neighborhood. There was a big pond close to the school and the students swam across it and escaped when forced to come to school. Imparting education was a difficult task for the Paris Missionaries to the illiterate Indian society.

My Joy knew no bounds in introducing our school website to the net surfers. Hope it is not unknown to you that this is the second oldest Educational Institution in Coimbatore. And as the Headmaster and the Correspondent of this unparalleled Educational Institution of 154 years old, I feel much credited to job down a few words about it. This reputed School has been ceaselessly working hard and dedicated to render exceptional Yeoman service to the Society. As a result it has countless Doctors, Engineers, Charted Accountants, IAS’s and IPS officers to its credit. Spiritually speaking it has begetting a lot of faithful warriors of Christ (ie) Priest, Vicariate Generals and Bishops. Of course it is a Cornucopia of wisdom and knowledge to the Society.

I have been at the helm of this renowned institution since 2013 June. I don’t claim to have the magical wand to transform this alma mater into an academic giant overnight. I need your constant support in bringing this school into a limelight. Hope this website can be helpful to fulfill all our dreams and aspirations. This website will unfold myriad of achievements of this school, it has accomplished and what yet it has dream t of accomplishing in the ensuing years. May it help you to serve your alma mater with your maternal love and paternal care.

Blessings . . .